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In September 2009, a team of three creators of Hartmann Associados met at the top of a building in Lisbon, with the aim of introducing Philosophy into the world market. Seven days later, the project was formulated and a new service was born: the creation of Conceptual Systems for individuals, companies, cities and countries. For two years, Aspera Hartmann has developed concepts and innovative products for a small group of select clients. In March 2012, Creativity, Strategy and Applied Mathematics came together in a unique methodology and were presented to the international market as an integrated service: Strategic Design.

Aspera Hartmann is a company that specializes in Strategic Design and Business Intelligence. We enhance Identities through the creation of conceptual systems and we develop Corporate Cultures using worldview perspectives. We conceive the Design in its broadest and most original sense: as an Art and as a Strategy.
Our team is specialized in Creative Direction and Strategic Planning. We treat each design project as a Work of Art. We call on creative professionals from all over the world, in order to bring in original ideas and attain a high level of exclusivity.
Culture is our raw material. We create Identities with the intricacy of cultural systems because Man is the epitome of the Universe. Pleasure is our goal. We create objects that stimulate the five senses because the world reveals itself through sensory Experience.
"Have you listened for the things I have left out?" In order to capture the attention of an intelligent target audience, we engage in a seductive approach, incorporating the compelling nature of Mystery, the love of Beauty, the suggestion of a Story. Poetry is our source of inspiration.
At the heart of a great project lies a simple idea. In the complex web of worldly relations, we analyse all the communication points of the Business. We devise a strategy and determine the most effective methods of involving all the stakeholders in their corporate mission. 
The perfect ICT design, in terms of audiovisual content, already exists in the form of cinematographic language. Through the mutual effort of creators and technicians, we transform emotions and information into Films and Music. And we add that which, up until now, was not possible: Interaction.
We combine Emotional Intelligence with the mathematical precision of Business Analytics. When it comes to decision-making, we enhance the objective business Diagnostic by thinking out-of-the-box, in order to introduce Innovation and to increase the Growth of your Business.
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