Álvaro Áspera
Creative Director . Strategy Director
He was 5 years old when his father fascinated him by introducing him to the game of chess. In his youth he started studying Theoretic Physics, but it was his perusal of Classical Studies that revealed to him the foundations of Civilization. During the 1990’s he spent 10 years specializing in Project Management through the business sector, then he put his know-how to use in the state sector for the following 10 years. His friends complain that he is so busy that it is easier to meet up with the president, but he can often be found in any part of the world, sitting on a terrace, reading a book in the open air.
Joana Hartmann
Design Director
As soon as she was old enough to leave the cradle she started redesigning everything she could find in the house. Very curious to discover the “whys” of life, she studied Sciences at high school, but it was her love of Beauty that made her opt for a higher education in Design. Her search for excellence led her to start her professional career in multinational companies, although she rapidly discovered that it is often the smaller studios that bring her craft to perfection. She loves to laugh with her friends and says that there is nothing sexier than a free spirit.
Rui Paulo Teixeira
Music Director . Project Manager
As a child, he would fall asleep every night, soothed by the sound of his great-grandmother’s little radio, playing classical music. He was a very dynamic teenager and although he was all prepared to read Management at University, the call to study Music altered his plans. He specialized in Choir Direction, revolutionized the classical repertoire with his musical arrangements of pop hits  and gave new impetus to the composition of church music in Portugal. His friends say he leaves a trail of fire wherever he goes; he says you can always find him exactly where he needs to be.
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