CAUM – Coro Académico da Universidade do Minho is the University of Minho Academic Choir, established in 1989, in Braga. Its founding artistic director was Fernando C. Lapa, one of the most prominent contemporary Portuguese composers.



Pins with verses from the University of Minho Hymn and literary excerpts from choir members:
in the euphoria of living . these years are a voyage . today I am the top of the mountain . we, the ones who remain original

University of Minho Hymn
Hyacinth flower
University of Minho Hymn Stationery
Creative Direction – Álvaro Áspera
Design – Álvaro Áspera, Joana Hartmann
Photography – Joana Hartmann, Rui Paulo Teixeira
Photography Art Direction – Álvaro Áspera
Technical Edition of the Scores – Rui Paulo Teixeira
Cultural References

Aeschylus – Prometheus Bound
Ovid – Metamorphoses
Institucional References

Francisco Providência – University of Minho Brand
José Manuel Mendes – University of Minho Hymn Lyrics
José Rodrigues – Prometheus, sculpture in the Gualtar Campus of the University of Minho
Manuel Artur Norton – University of Minho Coat of Arms
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